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Scaredy Cat

“You know,” our Rabbi said to us, one afternoon, as we walked to our home in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, “There is an old Kabbalistic idea that cats are the transmigrations of souls. A gilgul of a person who has … Continue reading

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Squirrelphobia and Carphilia

At 18 months old, my son became sickeningly obsessed with cars.  One of the early signs of Jakey’s fixation was his frequent tantruming upon buckling him into his carseat.  He felt sorely misplaced in the back row, imprisoned by his … Continue reading

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Ski Lodged

It was a cold, icy morning in New Hampshire, and as I stood at the base of the frosted mountain, strapped into my long, boney skis, peering up to where the mountain’s peak meets the sky, I wondered, Can I … Continue reading

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