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From There to Here, and Back

In memory of my grandfather, Yaakov Ben Yehuda Leib, whose 8th yahrzeit is tonight. Zaidy Yaakov sat at the head of the long dining room table, his body propped up in a wheeled-desk chair, his limbs encased by the arm … Continue reading

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Scaredy Cat

“You know,” our Rabbi said to us, one afternoon, as we walked to our home in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, “There is an old Kabbalistic idea that cats are the transmigrations of souls. A gilgul of a person who has … Continue reading

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That Which Blossoms in the Space Between Us

“This place is creepy,” Yoni says, rolling over on his thin, foamy mattress.  His large black eyes squint at me in the darkness of our hospital room, his lashes thick and heavy beneath his prominent brows.   “Isn’t this the … Continue reading

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