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I'm a 31 year-old, mother of four, living in New Jersey. I call myself a freelance writer, but I don't really do it nearly enough. Hoping to end my blackout. Please help me by adding your insightful comments, as to how I can improve my work. Any feedback is welcome.

Something Permanent

Written three years ago- dreams do come true.  People change. Welcome, Liad Meir. ———- To my unborn fourth child, the one I just might not create, the one I may choose to not give life.   I dreamed of you, … Continue reading

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Brit Speech

I want to start by giving Hakarat Hatov to all those who were a big part of this joyous occasion- To Rabbi Bengio, who has known Yoni since childhood, and travelled from Montreal to be a part of this simcha.  … Continue reading

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History, From a Couch

  Abba wasn’t home much when I was a young child.  Going to sleep by 8pm and having a father who worked as a Podiatrist during office hours, then at nursing homes, then went to school board meetings, and finally … Continue reading

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Crossing Over

  “Let’s go across the street to visit Zaidy,” my mother usually said, at shul’s end every shabbat, when the sanctuary had completely emptied and all that remained in its echoing interior were my mother, sisters, and I, and a … Continue reading

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From There to Here, and Back

In memory of my grandfather, Yaakov Ben Yehuda Leib, whose 8th yahrzeit is tonight. Zaidy Yaakov sat at the head of the long dining room table, his body propped up in a wheeled-desk chair, his limbs encased by the arm … Continue reading

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Scaredy Cat

“You know,” our Rabbi said to us, one afternoon, as we walked to our home in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, “There is an old Kabbalistic idea that cats are the transmigrations of souls. A gilgul of a person who has … Continue reading

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The Robe

The bathrobe was the ugly color of unripened watermelon, the color that probably was first to hit the sales racks, after all the pinks, whites, and baby blues were sold out.  It was a Chanukah gift from my father to … Continue reading

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